I want to become a service provider to students

2. March 2020

Students who are writing their dissertation are very often at a turning point in their life.

The students who are on this site are mostly students who already have a demanding job and some even a family. Apart from getting professional help and coaching for the dissertation writing process they usually want a lot more.

Because the students know they are going to change their lives after having graduated they are very open to ideas right now where they can see an end to their studies ready to start a new chapter.

So what are the students looking for?

First of all, they are looking for someone who can make the end product – their dissertation high quality and beautiful. That means they are looking for proofreaders and bookbinders and perhaps publishers.

And in a broader perspective, they are looking for a lot more like:

Recruiters, who can help them find a new job after they have graduated

Financial advisers, who can help them with financial planning now that they have a degree and expectations of a significant raise in salary. IT is also the time in life where many students are considering moving, buying real estate or establish pension plans

Real-estate agents, who can help them find a new place to live now that they will become financially better off and perhaps have to move for a new job as well.

Coaches, who can help them get the priorities right in life, now that they finally have a choice