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You are not alone. 27% of the doctorate students don’t finish within 7 years

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Apart from dissertation supervisors you will find coaches, bookbinders, proofreaders, recruiters, psychologists, relation counsellers, publishers and many more who can assist you 

Why hire a Dissertation Supervisor?

A dissertation supervisor is a person who helps you through the process of writing a dissertation or thesis. A lot of the bigger universities and business schools have their own dissertation supervisors. The dissertation supervisor usually help defining and narrowing the topic for your dissertation so that it will be feasible for you to conduct a proper research and field studies and make conclusions and recommendations that are academically viable. The dissertation supervisor will usually also help you plan your time and check each part of your dissertation for consistency, line of arguments and how well you distinguish between analysis, conclusions, points of views and recommendations. Depending on your business school or university you have a certain number of sessions available. Some universities have a points system where you can spend you points on different kinds of supervision. It might or might not be sufficient or in a format that you like.

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Here you can find a dissertation- or thesis supervisor who can help you get through the dissertation writing process.

You can also find service providers, recruiters and others who can help you.

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You have a lot of experience both academically and personally. That enables you to counsel and motivate the students like no one else can because you have been through it yourself too – and survived.

Service provider

You are a proofreader, bookbinder, coach, etc. who are providing services to students who have too much to do in too little time


You are a recruiter who can offer help to students on how to get the right job after their graduation. Some students already have fulltime jobs but they are ready to move on after their graduation

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