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Dissertation Supervisor who can coach you both academically and personally

I am a very experienced dissertation/thesis supervisor who can coach you academically as well as professionally and personally. I wrote my own doctoral dissertation in just 10 weeks. I managed that by

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How I wrote my Doctoral Dissertation in just 10 weeks – You can do the same

10. August, 2019 10:58

HOW TO EAT AN ELEPHANTA fellow professor once asked me, “How will you eat an Elephant?” I didn’t have a clue what to answer and didn’t have time to come up with a smart answer before

I am a Recruiter

29. July, 2019 02:09

Get in touch with the candidates when they are almost ready for a new jobMore than 80% of the BBA, MBA, DBA, and PhD candidates are interested in

I am a Supervisor

29. July, 2019 01:43

Share your knowledge and experiencesAs a dissertation supervisor, you have a unique opportunity for making a positive impact on another person’