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Learn about how FindSupervisor can help you getting your dissertation done and perhaps start a new career

About Us

We wanted to create a one-stop portal for dissertation writing students

Writing a dissertation is a lonely process with a lot of external pressures. Here you can find people and companies who can help you getting through the dissertation writing process and help you decide what to do when you are done.

About Us

It is easy getting started

It is easy getting started whether you are a student, supervisor or service provider.

Just sign up and select the membership that applies to you and start searching and connecting

About Us

What you need to know

FindSupervisor is a portal where we connect students in need with supervisors and service providers of all kinds. You as a student make the arrangement with a supervisor or service provider yourself. FindSupervisor do not and will not take part in any agreement between two members on our site

Securing authenticity

We do our best to make sure that the people and companies on our portal are who they claim to be. We have no free memberships. Partly because we need to have our costs covered, but more importantly because it helps us secure the authenticity of the members so everbody can feel safer.

We don't share your information

We do not and will not share your information with anybody. If you decide to cancel your membership all your information will be deleted immediately with no possibility for recovery.