I am a Recruiter

Get in touch with the candidates when they are almost ready for a new job More than 80% of the BBA, MBA, DBA, and PhD candidates are interested in a new job when they are in the final stages of their education. It is your opportunity to connect wit

I am a Supervisor

Share your knowledge and experiences As a dissertation supervisor, you have a unique opportunity for making a positive impact on another person’s life where he or she need it the most. Students can look for many different things when looking for

I am a Student

As a student, what can you get from FindSupervisor? First of all, you will have access to a wealth of resources you might need during your dissertation or thesis writing process. You will find advisors to can help you at all stages of the writi

How to eat an Elephant?

A fellow professor once asked me, “How will you eat an Elephant?” I didn’t have a clue what to answer and didn’t have time to come up with a smart answer before he answered; “One bite at a time”. Of course, what else, but you have to tak