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Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we get from students, supervisors and service providers. As alwas, please do get in touch if you don't find an answer to your question


Frequently asked question to FindSupervisor

Can I find someone to write my dissertation or thesis on FindSupervisor?

We strongly encourage our supervisors and service providers to offer services that can help you get through YOUR dissertation writing process. We can however not, and will not take any responsibility for the agreement you make with a dissertation supervisor or service provider.
Writing and finishing a project like a dissertation is a huge satisfaction. It is satisfaction on many levels. You have learnt something important on an academic level you will remember for life. it is also a satisfaction because you achieve goals that you have set up for yourself.
So don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Can I get a free membership?

Developing, maintaining and promoting a site like FindSupervisors to students, supervisors and service providers costs a lot of money and is very time consuming
We have a very transparent business model. We don’t sell or handover any of your information to third parties. We, therefore, can’t afford to give free memberships.
In return, we do not charge any commission on any agreements

How do I find the right supervisor?

We ask the supervisors to be very specific about what they are offering and describe as detailed as possible how they prefer to work together with the students. We also encourage them to state upfront how much they charge and when the student has to pay.
So start by searching for topics you need covered and get into a dialogue with the dissertation supervisors you find interesting.

It is equally important that you as a student make your listing as precise as possible so that interested supervisors and service providers can contact you directly as well.


The price for listings depends on what type of listings you need


Students pay 19€ per year for a listing


Supervisors pay 240€ per year for a listing

Service providers

Service providers pay 399€ per year for a listing

For the listings for sypervisors and service providers we include a marketing package for free. Furthermore you have the opportunity to market yourself on our site with either features lissting or advertising