I want to become a Dissertation Supervisor

12. February 2020

You have a lot of experience from both work and life in general. And you have been through what the students here on FindSupervisor are going through right now.

You do not necessarily work in the academic field but you do have an academic background yourself. You are also up to date with the requirements the students are met with.

Does that background of a dissertation Supervisor fit you?

If it does then read on. If it doesn’t then think about if you have something different of value to the students that you can offer. The question you must ask yourself is, “How can I create value for the students who decide to hire me?”

What do the students need from a dissertation supervisor?

The students’ requirements can vary a lot. Some students only need academic counselling. Others need personal counselling as well because that have a lot of things to take care of besides their studies. Many MBA, DBA and PhD business students have fulltime jobs and families to take care of too. They are therefore under tremendous stress and will certainly need help on got to get their dissertation done without losing their job and their family.

What shall I focus on in my supervisor listing on FindSupervisor?

Take some time and ask yourself, and ideally others, how you can add value to the students. What are your strengths as a coach and mentor? It is equally important that you are conscious of your own weaknesses too.

If you are really bad at time management but a great motivator you should of course not engage with students who need help on time management.

In your listing, you must be very specific about what you have to offer both in terms of academic topics as well as personal and professional coaching and mentoring. The students here on FindSupervisor are usually very conscious about their own weaknesses, so they know what they are looking for. So don’t make them guess what you can do for them.

How much should I charge?

That is entirely up to you if you want to do it for free or charge a professional fee. We don’t interfere in your negotiation. Neither are we involved in any financial transactions between the students and their supervisors.

The average fees vary a lot from geographical region to another and from one academic field to another