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As a dissertation supervisor, you have a unique opportunity for making a positive impact on another person’s life where he or she need it the most. Students can look for many different things when looking for the right dissertation supervisor. It can be a person with specific knowledge in a particular field; it can be a person who has a lot of experience in the psychological process you go through when writing a dissertation; it can be a person who has a lot of experience with the process of submitting proposals, making reviews etc.

It is therefore very important that you as a dissertation supervisor is very specific when you describe what kind of services you offer to the students. That goes both for the texts, photos and illustrations you use but also in the choice of keywords and categories.

What kind of services can I offer as a dissertation supervisor?

You can offer all the services where you can demonstrate professional and academic superiority. If you are uncertain about your superiority, then don’t offer it. It is no shame telling a student that you can’t help him or her with all the topics they might need help with. We recommend that you make your list of service clear and concise. This is the best way to avoid confusion and disappointments and the best way to get good reviews afterwards. Building your reputation takes time, but it takes no time destroying it

What if a student wants me to write his or her dissertation?

In the unlikely situation that a student asks you to write his or her thesis or dissertation, we strongly encourage you to deny the request. Not only is it considered fraud, which can ruin the student’s future if it is discovered it is also highly unethical. If you get a request for writing a dissertation or thesis we recommend you make the student understand that it is wrong by all measures.

How much can I charge as a dissertation supervisor?

It is entirely up to you how much you will charge. Our advice is to make your offerings very transparent and clear in order to avoid misunderstanding and discussions between you and your students. FindSupervisor does not interfere in the commercial agreements at all. It is entirely between the parties involved.

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