I am a Student

As a student, what can you get from FindSupervisor?

First of all, you will have access to a wealth of resources you might need during your dissertation or thesis writing process. You will find advisors to can help you at all stages of the writing process with both professional and personal issues. One of the biggest challenges for more mature students, who have a job and a family alongside their studies is to balance everything. A lot of families have been broken up because there were too many things on the plate for the person who was writing the dissertation.

You can also get help with proofreading, bookbinding, publishing and much more. We also offer the recruiters to connect with you as we know that that majority of graduating students are looking for or are open to looking at a new job. Maybe you are too. Some recruiters will offer you career advice in addition to their core services.

How much do the various services cost?

We only act as a connector and we have nothing to do the commercial agreements between you as a student and the supervisors and the other service providers. 

Is your membership  free?

Your membership as a student is almost free. We charge you a small one-time fee. Before your membership is accepted your profile and listing are assessed and evaluated before they are approved. FindSupervisor has the right to delete all profiles and accounts that are violating the rules and their intention.

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