I am a Recruiter

Get in touch with the candidates when they are almost ready for a new job

More than 80% of the BBA, MBA, DBA, and PhD candidates are interested in a new job when they are in the final stages of their education. It is your opportunity to connect with them before anyone else.

Here is your opportunity as a recruiter

First, you have to think about what you can offer the almost-candidates apart from a job. It is our experience that if you offer some kind of career counselling. You can, of course, decide just to have a link to your available job, but you can use this community for so much more. 

Start by: 

  1. Getting an account here on FindSupervisor. 
  2. Then create an account and then select the recruiter listing. 
  3. Make your listing appealing and don’t forget to add photos. Make sure your listing is aimed at this unique group of people

What do you get as a recruiter?

A listing on FindSupervisor, that all students will see

  • The opportunity to promote jobs and recruiting services via our monthly newsletters.
  • The opportunity to write relevant blog posts on our site.

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