How FindSupervisor collaborate with business schools, colleges and universities

8. July 2020

This article is about how FindSupervisor works together with business schools, colleges and universities to help them lead more students to completion and graduation by introducing external coaching.

Although far from all business school ranking models take graduation percentage into consideration, we believe it is actually one of the most important factors for assessing the quality of a business school.

Asking, “How many of your students are you capable of taking to graduation?” is a very relevant question. It may even be the most important question for a student who is going to invest a lot of time and money in pursuing an education.

Why don’t students finish their dissertation?

Many students don’t finish their dissertation because they are exhausted when they finally come to that stage in their education. During their studies there have been a fixed schedule with workshops to attend, assignments to hand in, etc. But when it is time to write the dissertation the students suddenly have to manage the time themselves and motivate themselves.

For many e.g. MBA eMBA, DBA and PhD students who have both jobs and families it is the time where they can finally relax a bit before starting the dissertation process. The trap is that too many just don’t get started again and therefore never graduate.

How can FindSupervisor work together with business schools and universities?

Findsupervisor connects independent supervisors with students in need. Most often the primary need isn’t of academic character but rather about project management, self-motivation, conflict resolution, etc. 

We are try to develop a very diverse pool of supervisors from around the world, who apart from their academic credentials can coach the students on so many other levels.

All members of FindSupervisor pay a membership fee. It is higher for supervisors and service providers than students.

Here is what we offer business schools, colleges and universities who collaborate with FindSupervisor

  • Students can sign up for free. The students coming from institutions with whom we collaborate do not pay any membership fee.
  • Institutions we collaborate with can post editorial content on 
  • We offer group deals for students using our service providers e.g. proofreaders, bookbinders, etc.
  • We offer group coaching sessions for students belonging to the same institution at a reduced rate or for free depending on the agreement we have.

A lot of advantages

As a business school or university, you can offload your academic staff by collaborating with FindSupervisor. Your students will feel better serviced, which will make them better ambassadors for you.

We design all collaboration agreements individually to make sure that all specific needs are met