What help can I get as a student for writing my dissertation or thesis?

9. February 2020

Get your Dissertation done

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According to a report published by England’s funding council, more than 27% of the 11,625 students from the UK or the EU who began full-time doctorates in 2010-11 will NOT obtain a degree within seven years.
Getting the right academic and personal supervision can make a huge difference.

Why is it so difficult to make the last step and finish writing the dissertation?

If you are a student who is pursuing a higher education degree like MBA, DBA or PhD you will very often have a very busy schedule even without the education going on.

Probably, you have a very demanding job, you might as well have a spouse and perhaps even children. They all want a share of your time. That means that from a logical point of view you don’t have any time left to pursue a higher educational degree. You have decided to do it anyway. Partly because it is a ticket to careerwise promotion and partly because it gives you status and improves your self-esteem.

Your employer and your family have all said they will support you and make sure that they will lower their expectations while it last. 

But 2 – 4 years is a long time and the workload is often much bigger and unpredictable than you anticipated. On top of that, you have all the psychological ups and downs both professionally, academically and personally.

So when you have done all the course work and you just need to write the dissertation, you have already started to celebrate and your surroundings have started to increase their expectations to your participation.

And that is the main reason why so many never finish their dissertation or finish years after they should have.

You just do have any energy left, no motivation. In return, you have plenty of guilt over you haven’t worked enough or been there for your family and friends over the past years.

That is why you need help with your dissertation. You need help from people who have been through what you are going through right now. People who can motivate you and give you a roadmap for how to get through the last stage of your higher education.

Why you should hire a dissertation supervisor

A dissertation supervisor is a person who helps you through the process of writing a dissertation or thesis. A lot of the bigger universities and business schools have their own dissertation supervisors. The dissertation supervisor usually helps to define and to narrow the topic for your dissertation so that it will be feasible for you to conduct a proper research and field studies and make conclusions and recommendations that are academically viable. The dissertation supervisor will usually also help you plan your time and check each part of your dissertation for consistency, line of arguments and how well you distinguish between analysis, conclusions, points of views and recommendations. Depending on your business school or university you have a certain number of sessions available. Some universities have a points system where you can spend your points on different kinds of supervision. It might or might not be sufficient or in a format that you like.