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According to a report published by England’s funding council, more than 27% of the students from the UK or the EU who began full-time doctorates in  will NOT obtain a degree within seven years. It has huge personal, financial and careerwise consequences when it takes so long to finish. And it is even more tragic for all those who never finish because they didn’t receive the right counseling in time.

Getting the right academic and personal supervision can make a huge difference. Our aim is to become the one-stop-shopping for dissertation writing students in need – no matter where in the world they are

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Why hire a Dissertation Supervisor?

A dissertation supervisor is a person who helps you through the process of writing a dissertation or thesis. A lot of the bigger universities and business schools have their own dissertation supervisors. The dissertation supervisor usually help defining and narrowing the topic for your dissertation so that it will be feasible for you to conduct a proper research and field studies and make conclusions and recommendations that are academically viable. The dissertation supervisor will usually also help you plan your time and check each part of your dissertation for consistency, line of arguments and how well you distinguish between analysis, conclusions, points of views and recommendations. Depending on your business school or university you have a certain number of sessions available. Some universities have a points system where you can spend you points on different kinds of supervision. It might or might not be sufficient or in a format that you like.

How to become a dissertation supervisor?

Your job as a supervisor will be to cover all aspects of challenges the student face. First and foremost you must be academically superior to the student in the subject he or she has chosen. But you need to be a lot more. Your need to be able to identify the student’s motivation and de-motivation factors and the dilemmas you are in as a student bridging job, family and studies in a hectic and very competitive world. Ideally you have been there yourself, so that you can share your personal experiences. The main reason why students don’t complete isn’t lack of skills but lack of discipline, ability to deal with dilemmas and lack of time. As a supervisor you must have good methodologies and excellent coaching skills in order to help your students through these major bottlenecks.

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